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  • 16/08/2017 22:03
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A friend of ours asked us for cooperation in repairing his bathroom. In this case, it was not only a morally outdated vision, but also a sewerage problem and falling tiles. It required complete transformation - granite tiles, faience, mixers and everything else in order to have a modern, functional and beautiful bathroom at the end. The room was small, so our choice was granite tile in a monochrome range with accents in a darker shade of the main color. Still, we needed a color to have that wow-effect. And how does that work - with accessories, towels and a little decoration. Overall - not a small budget.

What to do if you have a small budget and you are sick of your bathroom? Or you rent the apartment and want to refresh the bathroom for the new tenants? We provide you with tips that, in a few steps, will help you with the new vision and save you money.

  1. One of the cheap ways to renovate your bathroom is painting the walls and the floor. This applies to bathrooms both with plaster and with tiles

Important! In order to go forward to the painting you need to make sure that the bathroom doesn't have more serious problems. Stains of mold and peeling of the already existing wall paint can be caused by pipe leakage or poor  ventilation and in this case the repainting won't be a solution to your problem. Contact a water professional

Suitable bathroom paints available on our market

The suggestions have excellent water and mold resistance, are sustainable to wet rubbing and allow cleaning.

DEKORATOR - paint for wet rooms. It can be colored in bright shades with Practic Toner paint.

DULUX BATHROOM+ - Can be colored. Color proposals are practically unlimited and various cartels are offered.

From Benjamin Moore's assortment, you can use МООRЕ’Ѕ КІТСНЕNЅ & ВАТНЅ antibacterial paint for kitchens and bathrooms. It is used with anti-mould primer.

TERAFLEX® AQUARELLE PROTECT - the paint has a even structure and a durable matte velvet effect. It can be applied on solid wall coatings and ceilings of old water dispersion paints, as well as concrete, gypsum and lime-cement plasters, plasterboard and many others.

You can be an artist even in the bathroom....

If you are traditionalists...

You have old tiles that are firmly glued to  the bathroom walls and you want to avoid grinding and new gluing and also save money? Paint the tiles! It is possible!

Atriaplastic is an epoxy resin based faience tile paint, which can be colored in over 200 colors in the RAL color chart. The paint can be used for wall tiles and floor.

If the bathroom is with old mixers, old model toilet bowl and other lost glitter items make them antiques! You refurbished the walls, the floor, refreshed the faience, create style with accents. So you can get a bath in retro, vintage or industrial style.


Visit commodity stores or buy an old cabinet, chair, picture frames, even sewing machine legs. This will save you money and it is stylish!

An industrial style bathroom.

An old cabinet from the dentist's office and the leg of the sewing machine will bring chic and style to your old bathroom!

Paint the walls of the tiles in turquoise - the effect will always be stunning. Add an old mirror frame, old photos or you can even frame pages of old newspapers and you will be happy with the result!

You need a source of inspiration for your creativity,  experience and at least a little sense of aesthetics? If you doubt the effect, ask the professionals.

  1. After the walls and the floor comes the lightning. This doesn't mean to only change the light bulbs to LED!

Change the old lighting fixtures by trying to stick to a certain style.

You can put an outstanding chandelier which can be the accent in the room. Another option is to put extra lighting in the next to the mirror. Thus, you will not only double the effect but you will also have stronger lighting and a focal point in the room.

  1. Buy new accessories, matching the style of your bathroom. Though small additions, they are a great accent in small rooms like the bathroom. You will not make a mistake if you put in white, here and there as a contrasting color and as for the the accessories - small in appearance but great in impact.

Do not hesitate, put aromatic candles, sculptures, jars with strange shapes glass beads, leaves of flowers, even those small additions will give the bathroom a nice atmosphere.

  1. Textile in the bathroom exceedingly important! Because, regardless of the situation, it's nice to wrap your body around a clean and soft towel, your legs to step on a warm mat. Textile has different price classes. The most luxurious is from finely processed linen. Cotton comes a close second. Some are looking for it to be eco. To stay on the subject, I have to say that textiles are the sleeves of the new bathroom garment, so it has to be color-matched to the colors and even the style of the bathroom.

Here I will mention the shower curtains. If the bathroom is mainly monochromatic, choose a bright, colorful drape. If you have more than three colors in the bathroom - let it be a monochromatic drape, in one of the already used colors.


Read the article once more and you can start. If you don't succeed from the first time, don't worry It is normal, just try again! If by second try you don't obtain the results you wanted, call us!

When you cannot do it by yourself....

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