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Their dimensions are the characteristic that distinguishes them from the dining table - higher or lower, wider or narrower than the standard dining table. Due to their small width they can be placed almost anywhere. Some have drawers, which makes them a storage space, others have shelves. They fit well in the interior because they can be made in a different style.

Contemporary style with chic brought in by the glow of the desk lamp. Neutral range of tones of white to grafted with accents in black.

The coldness of neutral colors in the gray scale and the glow of the metal are softened by the soft fabrics of the damask and the carpet. In what style? Perhaps a modern chic?

Console in industrial style. To achieve this, are used naturally outdated boards and a rough metal structure. Manly but also sentimental because of the relationship with the past.

Except with walls, areas in the rooms can be differentiated by visual separation, for example, by carpet, different lighting fixtures for the individual zones and consoles.

Apartment in contemporary style. The location of the sofa near the passage gives a sense of anxiety to the seated. To overcome it, a console is placed, separating the sitting ones from the passers-by.

Open-plan premise in contemporary style. The console behind the couch can divide the Chill Out area from the dining table.

Console tables create a cozy atmosphere. Console tables are an occasion to express your inspiration by decorating them with decorative items such as candles, flowers, accessories, souvenirs, lanterns and more. The accessories will allow you to give the living room, the corridor or the bathroom the style that attracts you.

You can see our proposal for a console table in Gallery/Product design.

In this article are used photographs from the Internet and photos from "Duende Design" studio.