With this package we solve functional problems and put the aesthetics and character of the interior. Through 3D visualization client is confident in the implementation of the new look of your home.

"Conceptual design" includes:

1. Inspection and photographing the site.

First order and making precise dimensions of the premises in order to develop a general-Adjusting sketch of the object.
When you provide a sketch with dimensions, architectural drawing or dimensional details and specifics of the room into a suitable format for work are not responsible for any changes in drawings and 3D visualization.

2. Functional solutions.

Contractor shall provide the Contracting Authority within three variants of functional distribution - running lines, distribution zones, functional solutions. Specific solutions are illustrated with drawings - top vision.

3. We specify the concept of interior - style furniture, textiles, lighting, wall coverings, flooring and other design elements.

4. 3D visualization of conceptual design.

Through 3D visualization visualized two variants of color combinations and type of furniture chosen by the customer distribution.
You approve one of the proposed options and utochnyavyavame past desires and corrections.
Made final 3D visualization, which includes two cameras room.